AmeriPlan Dental Plan ® is America’s premier Discount Medical Plan Organization, AmeriPlan Dental® offers a variety of plans. If you are uninsured or under insured we can help. We have been offering affordable benefits since 1992 and are sure to have a plan that will fit your needs.

AmeriPlan Dental Plan

AmeriPlan ComboBest Option: AmeriPlan Dental Plan Deluxe combines our popular Dental Plus and Med Plus products in one affordable package. The Combo offer is a great benefits package for just one person at the price of $39.95. But we did not stop there. We offer the same Combo package to families and the entire household will be included, no matter the relationship of individuals in the household.

AmeriPlan Dental Plan AmeriPlan Dental® is our most popular plan. Every American should be seeing the Dentist at least twice a year. With our Dental Plus program you and everyone in the household can save on every visit to the dental office. The dental plan is $19.95  per month  for individuals or the entire household. Included with Dental Plus you also get vision care, prescription drug discounts and chiropractic care savings. Because AmeriPlan® is not dental insurance, there are no waiting periods or limits on services. Learn more about AmeriPlan Dental®

Ameriplan Health Programs

Call MD PlusTeleMD Plus® should be in every American household. Have you ever spent hours at the Doctor or Hospital waiting room, just to get a prescription? With MD Plus you have access to Physicians 24/7 every day of the year. Get a prescription, diagnosis or medical advice without leaving your home. It also includes hospital advocacy, ancillary services and Dental Plus. Introductory price of $24.95 per month. Learn more about Med Plus.

AmeriPlan Dental Plan Providers

Find ProvidersFind Providers: You can find providers in your local area that accept AmeriPlan®. Take a minute to look over plans that are available. Join AmeriPlan® today and start saving on dental and health services tomorrow. You’ll love the face that you can get started today with no waiting periods and no limits on services.

Ameriplan Dental Reviews

ameriplan-dentist Ameriplan Reviews & Testimonials: Learn how our members are saving on dental care. The video explains how the dental discount concept work an why Dentist are willing to provide dental discounts to provider access organizations like Ameriplan. You’ll find member testimonials, be able to access dental fees by zip code and find Dentist in your locality that accept Ameriplan. See the Ameriplan Review.

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