The ABCs of Flossing Your Teeth – How to Floss Your Teeth

Are you flossing your teeth regularly? If you don’t neither will your children. I certainly avoided flossing my teeth until I hit the big 50 and got an earful from the Dental Hygienist. Guiding a string between my teeth was just too much of a hassle. So after that dental visit, I picked a package of dental flossers which hold the floss tight on a plastic tool. My next visit to the Dentist I got some good remarks from the Dental Hygienist, because I had improved the health of my gums by flossing regularly. Then take the time to see the How to Floss Your Teeth video at the bottom of the page.

Flossing Your Teeth

Others have not been as lucky. Listen to Dr. Roskelley below as he also learned a valuable lesson about flossing his teeth.

Video Transcription
Hi I am Dr. Roskelley from Boise Idaho’s Modern Dental.  I’m here to answer the question why should I use dental floss? Well there’s a very simple answer to that.

When I went to dental  school, I had never used floss before and I was diagnosed with eleven cavities. At dental school I realized the importance of of dental floss and that is it doesn’t matter how much you brush  there’s always a spot between the teeth that you can’t get to with a brush or even a rinse. You must break the contact of the teeth with a piece of floss to disrupt the bacteria that grows between the teeth.

Once I learned that, I have never missed a day a flossing in my life. You know for now twenty some years.  Almost twenty years and I haven’t had as single cavity since that point.

So why should I use dental floss?

To disrupt the bacteria that between the teeth that is not accessible by either a toothbrush or a rinse.

Thank you, I am Dr. Roskelley from Modern Dental.

How to Floss Your Teeth

You should learn the key elements of flossing. It’s your dental health. You only get one set of teeth.

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