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AmeriPlan® Corporation in Plano TX

AmeriPlan® is a Discount Dental and Health Program and is not Insurance. Therefore an insurance license is not required to refer others to the non-insurance programs. AmeriPlan® Programs are available through Independent Business Owners from Coast to Coast.

Saving Money with AmeriPlan®

Since 1992 Dallas Texas based AmeriPlan® Corporation has been providing Americans access to affordable dental care. The concept of Discount Dental Programs at the time was not very well know. AmeriPlan® founders Dennis and Daniel Bloom started in Dallas with thirty contracted Dentists. They were willing to provide their dental services, for family and individual dental patients, who were willing to pay a discounted dental fee. AmeriPlan® members saved money and the participating Dentists avoided the hassles of billing the dental insurance company. The discount dental concept became so popular in Dallas that the Bloom Brothers decided to expand AmeriPlan® across the USA. Since that time AmeriPlan® has expanded from coast to coast and the AmeriPlan® network has increased from 30 Dentists in Dallas to 30,000 Dentists nationwide. AmeriPlan® has truly become the leader in Discount Medical Plan Organizations.

Saving Money has never been easier with AmeriPlan®. Our Dental and Health Programs. You can easily Join Online for Immediate Savings.

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Bill Simms is an Independent Business Owner with AmeriPlan® Corporation of Plano Texas and webmaster at DentalandHealthUSAcom. AmeriPlan® has been offering discount health and dental programs in the USA since 1992.

Our Dental Plus™ or Med Plus  packages  are just $25 a month each, while our full Combo  package is a great savings at $40.00 a month for the entire household.

Bill Simms
National Sales Director


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