AmeriPlan Dental Fee Schedule

Ameriplan Dental Fee Schedule

Ameriplan Red Fee Schedule

The AmeriPlan Dental Fee Schedule 2017 is adjusted every few years to keep the plan up to date with rising costs. The  last time the dental fee schedule was changed was back in 2016. In order to make sure the Ameriplan Dentists are paid a fair amount for the dental treatment  they provide, a change in dental fees was required. As of February 2017 (Page updated Feb 4, 2017) there are new dental fee schedules that still provide our members with the best possible dental care savings in the USA.

AmeriPlan Dental Fee Schedule 2017

Understanding the Dental Fee Schedule: The dental fees you will pay as an AmeriPlan Member are outlined in the one of three dental fee schedules. Depending on your location, you will want to refer to either the RED, TEAL or LIME Fee Schedule. The discounted dental fees you pay at the dental office can be found by entering your zip code below. The zip code search will provide you with dental fees on some of the most common dental procedures.  If a dental procedure is not listed in the zip code search, take note of heading on the page that will reference, RED,TEAL or LIME Fees. You will be able to view a complete dental fee schedule further down this page.

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AmeriPlan Dental Fee Schedule Map

AmeriPlan Dental Fees Map

AmeriPlan Dental Fee Schedule Zones

Detailed Dental Fee Schedule for 2017

With an AmeriPlan Dental Membership you simply pay the discount dental fee at the time of service. There are no paperwork hassles and the dental office does not have to wait to get paid. AmeriPlan is a win win situation for both our members and dental providers.  If you have determined your dental fee schedule zone color and need a complete listing of dental fees, please select your fee schedule below.


AmeriPlan Dental Video

Get a detailed understanding on how Ameriplan Dental works by watching the Ameriplan Dental Video on YouTube or below on this site. The independent video was produced by American Medical Review and hosted by Morley Safer of 60 Minutes fame.

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