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AmeriPlan Insurance AgentsAmeriPlan Insurance Agents looking to market the AmeriPlan® Discount Programs, you will earn a level 40% commission for the lifetime of all memberships sold. Yes, AmeriPlan® pays a level long term residual income (up to 40%), plus advanced commissions up to $180.00 per sale.

AmeriPlan Insurance Company? AmeriPlan® Benefits are not Insurance. Because AmeriPlan® is not Insurance and not an Insurance Company, an Insurance Agents license is not required. While an insurance license is not required to sell AmeriPlan®, it is an added bonus though. Most Insurance Agents are already familiar with the health benefits industry and often already have a client base.

AmeriPlan Insurance Jobs: Not only is AmeriPlan not an  Insurance Company, the positions available to sell and market it’s discount programs are not jobs, but are independent contractor positions. AmeriPlan IBOs are not employees and like other independent contractors receive an IRS Form 1099 at the end of the year to account for their earnings.

In order to sell AmeriPlan® Benefits Plans, you must join as an AmeriPlan® IBO ( Independent Business Representative). The cost to join as an IBO is $24.95 annually and includes  a secure back office to manage your AmeriPlan business,  mobile friendly personalized eCommerce websites for enrolling both members and IBOs,social media enabled video prospecting tools, plus  training and personal support from your enrolling sponsor.

Obamacare and Insurance Agents: With recent changes in the health insurance industry, Insurance agents are limited with the amount of months they can sell a health insurance plans. Since AmeriPlan  is not Insurance there are *few restrictions on where and when an individual or family can join AmeriPlan.

Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, Wyoming

Commissions as an AmeriPlan Insurance Agent

As an IBO with AmeriPlan® you never have to worry about decreasing commissions. AmeriPlan® pays a level 40% commission for the lifetime of the plan. When you enroll as an IBO in AmeriPlan® the first thing you will want to do is become commission qualified. You become commission qualified by Buying or Selling any one of the AmeriPlan® Dental Plus, Med Plus, or Combo packs listed below. You commission on future sales depends on the platinum plan you have bought or sold.

  • Dental Plus: $25.00 mo, includes dental, vision, prescription, chiropractic hearing and more.
  • Med Plus: $25.00 mo, includes telemedicine, hospital advocacy, prescriptions and ancillary services.
  • Combo Pack $40.00 a mo, includes Dental Plus & Med Plus. Every benefit available with AmeriPlan®.

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AmeriPlan Team Bonus Overides

Some Insurance Agents join AmeriPlan® just to provide added value to their clients, by offering our affordable benefit packages. If that’s you, fantastic. Welcome to AmeriPlan®. Many have become IBOs to build a sales team and take advantage of the AmeriPlan Team Bonus Overrides. As a Business Builder in AmeriPlan you can earn up to 34% on the business your team generates. Here is the AmeriPlan Team Override structure. The sky is the limit with AmeriPlan®.

AmeriPlan Team Residual Overrides


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