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AmeriPlan ® Review | Discount Dental Explained

Since 1992 AmeriPlan Dental® has offered discount dental and health plans to individuals and families in America. In the video below you’ll learn how the plan began and expanded nationwide because of it’s popularity. Watch the video below and join  AmeriPlan Dental® today.

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AmeriPlan Dental® Member Testimonials

ameriplan-testimonialsWith 21 years of business AmeriPlan Dental® has many satisfied customers. Read what some AmeriPlan® members are saying.

CarolWOW! AmeriPlan really delivers on the promise. I had a toothache that was an emergency situation to see a dentist the same day with no waiting period. I enrolled, wrote down my id number, called the dentist’s office and went right in. Received all this information in less than 5 minutes and this was my first time using the dental plan. I received an exam, xray, diagnosis and a prescription and only paid $37! Later I became an IBO.I love AmeriPlan! >> Read More Member Testimonials.

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Save with General Dentistry and Dental Specialists

The dental savings you will occur with AmeriPlan Dental® depends on your location, Here is an example of savings. The General Dentist Fee Schedule below applies to the metropolitan areas of Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Colorado Springs, Dallas, Denver, Honolulu, Houston, Jacksonville Fl, Kansas City, Nashville, Miami, Memphis, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Phoenix, San Antonio, St Louis, Tampa, Tucson, Tulsa. Find your AmeriPlan Dental®  Fees by zip code.

ADA Code Sample General Dentist Procedures Dental Office Fees Up To* AmeriPlan® Fees AmeriPlan® Savings Up To
00120 Periodic Oral Evaluation $68 $15 78%
00150 Comprehensive Oral Exam (First Visit) $120 $32 74%
00210 Intraoral – Complete Series of radiographic images $167 $50 71%
00330 Panoramic radiographic images $144 $50 66%
01110 Prophylaxis – Adult (to include light scaling and polishing $117 $46 61%
02140 Amalgam – 1 surface, primary or permanent, per tooth $182 $45 76%
02150 Amalgam – 2 surfaces, primary or permanent, per tooth $238 $65 73%
02330 Resin based composite – 1 surface, anterior $209 $70 67%
02331 Resin based composite – 2 surface, anterior $259 $95 64%
02750 Crown – Porcelain fused to high noble metal $1408 $550 61%
03310 Root Canal – Anterior (excluding final restoration $933 $375 60%
03320 Root Canal – Bicuspid (excluding final restoration $1072 $390 64%
04355 Full Mouth Debridement $267 $97 64%
08080 Orthodontics (braces) under 19 $6205 $2250 64%
08090 Orthodontics (braces) 19 and over $6518 $2400 64%

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Find an AmeriPlan Dentist and Join Today!

ameriplan-dentistIn order to receive the discount you must see an AmeriPlan Dental Provider. Chances are there will be several Dentists nearby, but  you only need one to participate in the savings. You may be wondering, why would a Dentist give a discount? Listen to what one Dentist had to say.

If your Dentist is not listed as an AmeriPlan Dental Provider, we would be glad to contact him/her about becoming a provider.

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