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Being in the business for going on 15 years, I have had several AmeriPlan websites. The one site that has had the most productivity has been That is the site you are looking at this very moment. So just why was the site so productive. It is listed in the Yahoo Directory.

Connecting Benefits

AmeriPlan website

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Getting Website Visitors

In order to get traffic to your website, you have to do one of three  things.

  1. Personally refer a lot of people to your site
  2. Pay for website traffic
  3. Have your own domain name and website created.

You can use all three of these methods. I like the third option best. You can easily create your own site online or have someone build it for you.  That is just the beginning steps. Here are some things you will need to do once your website is created.

  • Find a dozen or more keywords that you want to get front page rankling for.
  • Try to publish at least one original article per week.
  • Connect your site to Social Media sites. If have placed a Facebook like button on this page. Can you find and click it?
  • Have other sites that are related to your niche, link back to you with your preferred keywords.

If you get started today by registering your domain. It will slowly begin to age and have hundreds of  quality links referring  to your business. Do a little each week and a year from now you will look back and wonder how you go that far.

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