Dental Statistics for Children and Adults

These Dental Statistics for Children and Adults and accompanied video explain the challenges in oral health care for children and adults. As a parent one of the greatest gifts we can give to our children is good oral health. Please watch the video and check the dental resources at the bottom of this page. Share this page and be a part of oral health care solution for all Americans. Video transcription below.

Welcome to this addition of dental connections brought to you by the delta dental of new jersey. New Jersey’s leading dental benefits company and its foundation. This series is designed to increase awareness regarding the connection between oral and overall health.

Here’s doctor Dr Gene F Napoliello, president of the delta dental of new jersey foundation. Most of us with good jobs and sufficient insurance get the bi-annual dental checkups expect that catch oral health concerns early on. But for the nation’s under served population dental visits our luxury many cannot afford.

Dental Statistics for Children

Startling statistics reveal that poverty, culture, geography and unawareness of the relationship between oral and overall health can create barriers to access to good dental care. For example

  • twenty five percent of children from low-income families do not see a dentist before entering kindergarten
  • eighty percent of tooth decay is concentrated in twenty five percent of US children, with higher levels found in African-american and Hispanic children
  • in fact Hispanic children have become the least likely group to receive preventive dental care
  • Americans ages two to eleven living below the poverty level are twice as likely to have untreated decay  as their own more affluent peers
  • fifty one million school hours are lost each year to dental related illness
  • tooth decay has become the single-most common childhood disease. five times were common than asthma and seven times for common than hay fever

Dental Statistics for Adults

For many people whose childhood oral health was overlooked their untreated cavities, gum disease and other dental issues may have contributed to diabetes, respiratory problems and even heart disease and stroke.

  • employed adults lose more than a hundred and sixty four million hours of work annually due to dental disease or emergency dental visits.
  • each here oral and pharyngeal cancers are diagnosed in about thirty thousand Americans as eight thousand Americans died from these diseases
  • prognosis is poor.  a five-year survival rate for white patients is fifty six percent while African-americans  it is only thirty four percent
  • among sixty five to seventy four year olds, twenty three percent have severe periodontal disease. this  figure is higher for those living in poverty

Dental Care Resources

dental statisticsWhen dental care is not available it is up to private charitable organizations to fill the gap. That’s why the delta dental of new jersey foundation will give one million dollars to dozens of new jersey and Connecticut organizations providing dental education and oral health care for the under served. Since nineteen eighty six we have awarded almost twelve million towards this cause. By educating those most at risk for dental problems and increasing access to a dentist we are helping to reduce the need complex urgent dental treatment that comes from the lack of regular care. So with education, proper oral hygiene and nutrition we can change those statistics for the better. Because  behind the statistics there are people in need.

Additional dental resources for low income or financially challenged families.

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