Do You Know the Truth About Fluoride?

truth about fluorideAre you totally aware of the effects of fluoride? In the video above one of America’s finest dental professionals discusses the truth about fluoride and the consequences of over-exposure.

Hello, I’m Dr Bill Osmunson DDS. I am a  general and cosmetic dentist and have been a dentist for thirty years. Before that I received a master’s in public health, in nutrition and health education. F or the first twenty five years of practice I promoted water fluoridation aggressively. I thought I saw the  benefits. It wasn’t until I actually looked at the information myself and sat down and looked at the different government  agencies and the different reports new studies that I began to realize that fluoridation was a problem.

One of the first things I did was I looked at my tube of toothpaste. It says drug facts. I know it’s a drug. If I were to give it to you it would have to be a prescription. That’s for swallowing.  When it comes to toothpaste it also says don’t swallow and if you do swallow contact the poison control center. Well the amount of fluoride  that they’re talking about is a pea size amount of fluoride. You probably don’t see that in advertisements. A pea size of fluoride. Usually when I see an advertisement looks more like a dairy queen ice cream cone.

That amount is a quarter-milligram of fluoride. Well that’s the same amount of fluoride  as we find in eight ounces of water. Quarter-milligram of fluoride. Quarter-milligram of fluoride. Don’t swallow. If you do call the poison control center. One of the things that concerns me is water fluoridation for infants. The american dental association and center for disease control recommended infants not receive water for drinking nor for making their formula. It’s too hundred and fifty times more concentrated than mothers milk. We shouldn’t fluoride water and harm our most vulnerable.

The next thing I looked at was dental fluorosis. These are the white and brown spots on the teeth. The only thing that causes dental fluorosis is fluoride. Too much fluoride ingested usually during the developing years birth to about eight years of age.  When I see people coming in to have treatment for dental fluorosis I mention to them that they have had too much  fluoride. And this is an indication that the rest of their body is probably had too much fluoride also. Their bones and the rest of their organs. Damage from dental fluorosis is not disputed.Everyone agrees that too much fluoride can cause dental fluorosis. About one-third of children are now experiencing fluorosis according to the CDC.

Next thing I needed to look at was benefits. What are the benefits of  fluoride? I’d heard reports of twenty to forty percent, sixty percent, eighty percent of tooth reduction with water fluoridation. So what  is thebenefit of water fluoridation? I had to take a  close look at several factors. One comparing different countries of the world we can see that no matter what we do on fluoridation. whether the country fluoridates or no fluoride at all decay is reduced the same amount in all countries.

We can compare states in the United States. You can see on the graph as they are plotted in order of increased amount of fluoridation in the state, fluoridation doesn’t make any difference. We have the same amount of good health in that state’s regardless of their fluoridation. Same thing for counties in other locations. That was disturbing to me. If there’s no benefit well why are we fluoridating

I have two requests for you.

    1. To talk to your dentist and your health care provider about fluoridation. Ask them if they have seen the national academy of science report on fluoridation.
    2. Give them information that they may not have on water fluoridation and excess fluoride exposure. That helped me when my patients casually calmly quietly said have a look at this. This doctor, this dentist is concerned about water fluoridation.What do you think? None of us professionals want to harm our patients. Our whole life is given to improving the health of people not harming them.

So for the those of you are healthcare professionals, I highly urge you to look once again at the science on fluoridation. Science doesn’t need to be scary. It’s just information. Spend a little bit of time looking at it on both sides of the issue. Don’t just look at one side filtered. Look at both sides and weigh it for yourself.

The other thing is to sign and online petition with me The online petition requests congress to have hearing on the issue. It also recommends that we no longer fluoride our water. Thank You.

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