Majority of Americans Worried About the Future with Obamacare

The Majority of Americans are Worried About the Future with Obamacare. According to a recent poll of Americans, some 66% are worried about their health care and 58% want all or part of the unpopular law repealed. See video and video transcription below.

Previous video removed. Here is a recent video on Obamacare.

Bill: New Fox News polling now shows a sizable number of Americans feeling uneasy about their health care under Obamacare. Sixty six percent two out of three Americans saying that they’re worried about their health care under the new law and they expect their medical costs ago even higher. Just about twenty three percent say they have no worries.

Douglas Schoen was an adviser to President Bill Clinton and Monica Crowley radio talk show host. Both are fox’s contributors. Good morning to both of you. So here we go guys. In the fall of this year then kicking in January first of two thousand fourteen. Monica what’s that number tell you.

monicaMonica: Well it shows how people are actually are really focused on what this legislation means for them and their lives and their health care. At the time of passage democrat Senator Chuck Schumer said the more people get to know Cbama care the more they’re really going to love it because this thing is fantastic and actually the exact opposite has been true now. Now that were several years into this law.  Now that is really going to start to kick in, people are focusing on what it means of what it means. What it means Bill is higher taxes, higher premiums, less access to medical care and doctors and of course the gutting of of medicare which they did to pay for this monstrosity. So now that people are really taking a look at what is going to mean for them personally they’re starting to really worry about it and that’s what you see also the accompanying number that shows that about two-thirds of the American people want this thing either repealed to either totally or in part.

Bill: I’ll get to that in a moment but it although it’s true that numbers just going to go higher than I just showed you there. Doug, What do you think about that?

Doug: Well this is an election issue for the Republicans. It’s what won the two thousand ten election for the Republicans, stimulated the tea party movement. I will tell you that while the president’s ratings have dropped a bit Bill if the Republicans are going to have a breakthrough and their negatives not withstanding all the problems for the administration are higher than the democrats. If they’re gonna make a case for the Republicans they need a positive alternative to Obama care to take advantage.

Bill: What you are saying  in the fall two thousand fourteen it’s a big deal.

Doug:  It’s a big that’s a big deal now but it’s a bigger deal as we approach the election as it was in two thousand  ten.

Bill:  Monica you were just referring to this about repeal. That number’s going up nine points in a couple months on the screen for our viewers. In march of 2013 to thirty percent. The top-line far-right and repeal entirely now’s a thirty nine percent.

Monica: Yes, that is stunning. Actually when you fold in people who want to repealed  at least in part it’s up to fifty eight percent. This Obama care legislation has never been popular. It’s always been highly unpopular. But again as we get closer to full implementation and the American people are starting to say well wait a minute. What is this going to mean for me? I’m not gonna be able to keep my doctor. Maybe my employer is gonna ditch the insurance that I currently have. I thought the president told me I could keep the insurance that I had if I liked it. All of these things are turning out to be false promises and untrue.

Bill: It seems that people are confused. I think everybody can agree on that. I mean Doug, even congressional democrats were telling Kathleen Sebelius that what they’re hearing from seniors is that they’re confused about the health care. They don’t know how their lives are going to change.

Doug: Right and with uncertainty for seniors comes fear. Young people are worried that uh… they will face penalties or more expensive insurance.The other issue is that health care exchanges which the says in the Democrats touted have not been quick to be set up.The number of options offered is much more limited a lot of states then some would want. Bottom-line uncertainty creates fear and fear creates political turmoil.

Bill:  Can you explain this away Doug, by saying it’s just the growing pains of the new law?

Doug: You could say that.The problem is I’m a democrat. I favor and support expansion of health care much more I am certain than Monica would.  But this law is too big too quick. It should have been done incrementally. Should have been insurance purchasing across state lines. Tort reform and the absence of those features means that the fears of very real. You know what it’s more the growing pains Bill sadly.

Monica: And you know what just on the the issue of fear. Bill and Doug, the fact that the IRS which is deeply mired in its own corruption and scandals about targeting conservatives. The fact that that agency is going to be the enforcer of our health care and we’re gonna have to prove to the IRS that we have government-sanctioned health insurance as of January first,  I think that instills a lot of fear and terror.

Doug: and that’s a huge issue for the Republicans.

Bill: It’s  a huge issue  too and it is a big wrinkle in this mess too. Monica, Doug thank you. In the coming months we have much more opportunity to talk about this. Thanks to both of you.  Doug,  happy birthday to you.

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